Who we are

Who we are

Education is the key – all over the world. That’s why ERBER Family Foundation supports children from disrupted family situations and helps them become gamechangers. EFF is a charity project of ERBER Family.

ERBER Family Foundation in Thailand

In our biggest project, we will pledge sufficient funds to give children the possibility to finish high school. In this respect, we provide school fees, accommodation, food, leisure-time programs, and well-trained staff.

ERBER Family Foundation in Austria

Sometimes situations in families change from one day to the next, and school fees can no longer be paid. In situations like these, we also support some children in Austria and pay their school fees. In addition, we also help in other difficult situations and provide what is needed most.

Additional worldwide ERBER Family Foundation projects

We are there for those who need it the most: quickly and without bureaucracy. Therefore, we constantly support smaller projects around the world. We help in different ways, depending on the country and situation.

EFF Founders

This is us, Piyapa and Erich Erber. For us, it’s a matter of the heart to support children who have had to deal with difficult life situations and help them become future leaders. Education also completely changed our lives: that’s why we want to give back.