Being's Story

 “Hi, my name is Being and I am 9 years old. I’m so glad to come to ERBER Home because there are so many friends here. At first I didn’t understand any English and didn’t know what the teacher was talking about. Now, I am very confident to speak English. I think I want to become a teacher when I grow up so I can give a good education to my students.”

Rita's Story

 “I am Rita, a first year EFF student. In school every subject was hard. After returning home I had English tutoring. I started at zero percent, but my English skills improved, and I got higher and higher. Finally, I passed EAL (English as an Additional Lesson) and I’m so happy. I always try to learn new things. On Mondays I learn to dance at the Chiang Mai drama center. I also have the chance for cooking, swimming, boxing, and playing football here. My dreams are getting closer.”

Soh's Story

“Hello, I’m Soh and I’m now in year 7, Panyaden International School. Before I came to EFF, I was at a Thai School. Here, I get the chance to study English. I hope in the future I will get a better job and might get the chance to go to other countries. I also like it here because I will get more friends if I can speak more languages. I’m so grateful for getting the chance to study in Panyaden International School and live in the ERBER Family Home. I’m very appreciative of this opportunity that was given to me and my sister. My dreams are getting closer as well as my goals of studying because of ERBER Family Foundation."

Sophia's Story

 “Hello, it’s me, Sophia! Next to my improvement at school, I really enjoy being part of the football club. I go there every Saturday and Sunday. The football field is very big and clean and the coach is amazing. He is very nice and kind to all ERBER children. I really enjoy playing with international friends.”

Tintin's Story

 “Hi, my name is Tin. I am 12 years old. I am very glad I am part of the foundation. Although I sometimes was in difficult situations in the past, they always encourage me and help me with problems. My brother came to ERBER Family Home. When I saw everything, I felt why my brother was so lucky. Suddenly a miracle happened, and I could also apply for the scholarship. I enjoyed the last two years. Everyone is nice, kind, and cheerful. There are many challenges, but together we can get through them.”

Venus' Story

 “Hello, I’m Venus and I study in year 5 at Panyaden International School. My dream came true when I got chosen to get the scholarship and have a big chance in my life. When I moved to ERBER Home I felt safe and was happy. I have the opportunity to go to a good school, speak English or Thai in front of the class, be a volunteer for a performance, or do the morning announcement. Those opportunities challenged me, and I always dare to challenge myself.”