Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

ERBER Family Foundation helps children change their lives and encourages them to become real gamechangers through education.

Our Vision


Our vision is to provide values-based education to orphans, underprivileged children, and children in difficult family situations.

Our Mission


Our mission is to fully educate the children. 
A school education helps them become future leaders.

Coverage of all educational costs through to completion of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and academic support.

Soh is our first student to move on to the secondary level.

EFF in Chiang Mai, Thailand
School uniforms and education-related equipment

Looking better together!

EFF in Krems, Austria
Costs for field trips and extracurricular activities

Meditation retreat, boxing, dancing, guitar lessons, swimming, and teambuilding for gaining essential intercommunication skills.

EFF in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Arrangements for full board accommodation at the EFF Homestay Thailand

BBQ events during summer months

EFF in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Transportation to and from school, extracurricular activity locations, and students’ hometowns during school breaks

Driving our EFF children from home to school every day – safety first!

EFF in Chiang Mai, Thailand